phone-to-phone(pouch-to-pouch) real time file sharing

Simply share what you have on your smartphone with friends, family and colleagues! No need to key in any ftp or ip address any more! Just open your smartphone and share your contents like when you share items from your pouch!

on-spot FILE sharing while ENJOYING without pause

Don't pause to share while enjoying your joyful beats together! You don't need to lose your groove to get back to the folder, select and share any more!

multi-file transfer without repetitive selecting action

Are you tired of sharing files one-by-one only? You can directly transfer any size of file bunch into your friend's smartphone. Let's be simple & fun to share!

jacket-based music browsing & favorites multi-selecting

You are lost in your folder with hundreds of music files? With TapPouch, all you have to do is browse jackets with a few scrolls!

easy-to-use & powerful-to-execute file manager

TapPouch is an all-in-one file management gadget for every user levels. Just TapPouch and enjoy what you have on your smartphone right now!

one-time-only key generating privacy protection

Don't worry about your privacy! TapPouch generates an one-time-use-only open key for each sharing event. Simply enter a unique open key to a friend's pouch & share dozens of files with one tap only!